Ocean Tide Data Web Publications

MeteoTsunamis in NSW A poster paper presented at the 25th NSW Coastal Conference at Coffs Harbour, November 2016

TIDE GAUGE HISTORIES METADATA FOR NATIONAL AND NSW TIDE GAUGES This report presents the metadata for both the national and NSW tide gauges, together with preliminary data checks and details of information uncovered from archival sources during the investigation

NSW Ocean Water Levels A paper presented at the 20th NSW Coastal Conference at Tweed Heads, November 2011

NSW Sea Level Trends - The Ups & Downs A paper presented to the 17th Australian Hydrographers Association Conference in Sydney, October 2014

Featured Project

Floods Near Me

Floods Near Me App
The flood warning app brings together flood related information in NSW and provides the user with tailored warnings including latest water levels, road closures, Flood Watch and Flood Warning information and Evacuation Warnings.
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NSW Waves

The Nearshore Wave Transform Toolbox uses numerical model results to transform measure and forecast offshore wave conditions to over 14,000 nearshore wave locations along the entire NSW coast. Estimated nearshore wave conditions are forecast for up to 3 days ahead.
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