MHL Latest NSW Ocean Wave

Batemans Bay Waverider Buoy
The Batemans Bay Waverider station is currently experiencing problems with data telemetry from the receiving station to the MHL wave data server. Data is being recorded at the receiving station and will be transfered to MHL as soon as the telemetry problems are rectified.
2014-12-16 16:21:38
Sydney Waverider Buoy
The Sydney Waverider buoy has a faulty power supply and is not transmitting data to the receiving station. The buoy is scheduled to be replaced during the week beginning 26 January (subject to sea and weather conditions).
2015-01-20 09:16:17
»» Wave Height   |   »» Wave Period   |   »» Wave Direction   |   »» Direction Spectra

»» Wave Height   |   »» Wave Period   |   »» Wave Direction   |   »» Direction Spectra
IMPORTANT: This information has been recovered directly from automatic recording equipment and has not been quality controlled by MHL. It is recorded in NSW Eastern Standard Time (EST), which is GMT+10:00.
This data has been collected under the NSW Coastal Data Network Program managed by Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH).