How MHL Uses Auto Samplers

A water sampler is a device that is used to collect samples automatically, and is ideal in remote locations, especially for infrequent event sampling. MHL has used these for a number of projects and applications, such as:

  • model calibration
  • EPA Licensing
  • Design testing of GPTs, constructed wet-lands, etc
These devices can be set to work alone on a time clock, or triggered from a logger of float switch. When operated from a logger, an alarm message can be issued to a e-mail or phone. This gives the client notice to collect the samples that have been collected.

This is a sampling system that measures discharge and takes water samples when the discharge reaches a predetermined value.
The logger at the site then issues an alarm back to the MHL Computer centre which notifies the relevent staff via e-mail that the sampler has been activated.
Once the samples have been collected they are sent to the laboratory for analysis. This is one of three samplers in the catchment which were installed to monitor pre and post development phases of a residential development for a local council.
MHL has used similar installations in industrial and rural applications to test structures, of meet EPA compliance requirements.
These instruments have the value over manual sampling as they are on site and monitoring as soon as an event occurs.