Sydney Offshore Sea Surface Temperature

Latest: 20.75 (Degrees C) @ 2020-04-10 00:00:00 AEST (GMT+10:00)
Maximum: 22.30 (Degrees C) @ 2020-04-03 13:00:00 AEST (GMT+10:00)
Minimum: 20.60 (Degrees C) @ 2020-04-09 15:00:00 AEST (GMT+10:00)

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IMPORTANT: This information has been recovered directly from automatic recording equipment and has not been quality controlled by MHL. It is recorded in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), which is GMT+10:00.

This data has been collected under the NSW Coastal Data Network Program managed by Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH).

NSW Offshore Sea Surface Temperature Stations